If you are a licensee and wish to commission my artwork please contact licensing agent directly.

I’ll very much look forward to working with you, particularly if
you produce green products. Thank you. 

Some of the companys selling products
with my designs

The DRH Collection is a family run company based in London, UK with an international presence. It’s been a fun award-winning collaboration and you can find their full range here.
General sales enquiries/orders call +44 20 7249 0710 or email them here.
Rock & Ruddle is another London based company run by Alexandra Rock and Jackie Ruddle. You can buy brushes or combs with my designs directly from their website here. I’ve had many happy years designing for them.

Caspari is a US card and gift company with a retail outlet in Paris, France too. They create beautiful quality products and to date I’ve illustrated for their card ranges, gift bags, gift wrap, paper plates, paper napkins, party invitations and gift tags. Not all my designs are available online but here’s the link to those that are.