Family Trees

Looking into ones’ past, or indeed present, and working out your
family tree has become increasingly popular.

I found myself being commissioned to do a few and realised it was expensive
and time-consuming so I came up with the idea of templates that I could tailor to each family. So far I’ve painted a choice of 4 templates to choose from to make your family tree more decorative:
Squirrels & Acorns, Strawberries & Bees, Olive Sprigs or The Knight. 

How much do they cost?

Pricing-wise it’s been easier to break them down into family sizes.
A4 (297mm X 210mm) up to 6 people
£59 + P&P
A4 (297mm X 210mm) 7 - 12 people
£75 +P&P
A4 (297mm X 210mm) or A3 (420mm X 297mm) 13 - 30 people
£99 +P&P
Larger family trees with 31 or more people can be discussed and a price worked out. Additional prints can be ordered at £35 each for A4 and £50 each for A3.
 Larger prints are also available.

How does it work?

Step 1

You send me a rough sketch of your family tree and/or a list of names, surnames with dates of birth indicating who’s related to whom. Let me know who is a sibling, who is a spouse etc.  

Step 2

I’ll then work on a layout of your chosen look (Squirrels & Acorns, Strawberries & Bees, Olive Sprigs or The Knight), insert the names and dates and add them to the layout.    

Step 3

You’ll then receive a finished layout to double-check for any corrections (it’s amazing how they pop up - one family got several dates incorrect.
Third time lucky though). 

Step 4

Once I’ve got the final “yes” from you I order the amount of prints you wish (you only need to order one) and send them off to you ASAP.

I look forward to working with you.


The Templates

S Q U I R R E L S   &   A C O R N S

S T R A W B E R R I E S   &   B E E S


O L I V E   S P R I G S
T H E  K N I G H T

T H E  B E E H I V E