Based in the States, with a retail shop in Paris, Caspari create beautiful products – mainly paper but also do additional tableware if they find items that work well with their range. To date, I’ve illustrated many greeting cards for them, gift wrap, gift bags, paper napkins and paper plates. Not everything is online but you can purchase my paper napkins and paper plates from

The DRH Collection

A wonderful family run company based in London, UK. They do several beautiful ceramic and glass ranges and I’m lucky enough to be designing my own for them. Do check out their site for stockists near you – they have affiliates in the US, Canada and New Zealand too.

A website that sells their full range is:

General sales enquiries/orders:  HEAD OFFICE Europe:  +44 20 7249 0710

To find a UK representative in your area please click here:


BIA International
447 South Canal Street, South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA
Toll Free: 1.866.553.2800
Telephone: 1.650.553.4150

Danesco Inc
18111 Trans Canada Highway, Kirkland, Quebec, Canada, H9J 3K1
Toll Free: 1-877-DANESCO

Rock & Ruddle

These wonderful hairbrushes are made with fine natural boar bristles combined with a strand of nylon on each tuft which means the brush can penetrate even the most tangled hair. The rubber pad apparently gives just enough suppleness to each brush to ensure that the hair is not pulled or damaged. All in all, amazing brushes and I was thrilled to be asked to design for them. Jackie and Alex are a delight and have worked hard to ensure the best quality of brushes.

They have also added fabulous combs and hair clasps to their range too.