Full of Life at the Theatre

Full of Life (www.fulloflifekc.com) are staging their annual theatre production later this month and the photo below is to be one of their props. I zoomed up to London and painted it in the playground shed while Paul was working with the young adults on a ceramic mural that’s going up in the garden later this year. It was very touching to hear the chat and laughter while they all worked and also to see how their garden is coming on. The lavender hedges are alive with bees, the veg garden being eaten, the plants all so well tended and the school being used to nurture, educate and inspire both the young adults and their families. Perfect. When I’d nearly finished painting the prop, Sue (the chairwoman), Debbie (one of the carers), and I posed for a photo. Am so looking forward to the performance at the end of the month – always a hilarious tear-jerker!