What about presenting your work to publishers?

I get asked quite a bit about how to present your work. What publishers seem to want to see is how you would tackle a book layout (this can be in pencil) and how a cover would look in colour and also one double page spread from your book in colour. Just one would do, no need to illustrate the whole book in case of inevitable changes or unsuitability with the text etc. Ideally publishers would love you to both write and illustrate but we’re not all blessed that way, so don’t worry if you haven’t a story. Perhaps you could find a story you do like, re-work it to your way of thinking and style and make an appointment with a portfolio of your illustrations and ideas. The publisher will probably be able to see very quickly how you’d fit in with their lists.
Another thing you could do is to go to a bookshop and check out all the books that your style of work would sit comfortably with. List the publishers and make your appointments. Here in the UK, the Children’s Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook has all the publishers’ contact details and masses of good advice. Another book I found is Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market UK. These books will give you much better advice than I ever could.