How do you suggest getting your work viewed?

Once you’re set up with your portfolio/website you really do need have your work seen. I am out of the loop, but recently asked an agent and they did recommend making appointments with art directors, as I had done when starting out, dropping off your folio with them or hopefully seeing them face-to-face. If the latter, do ask advice on who they would recommend you see next and perhaps what they think of your work and suitability for jobs etc. You’ll soon get a handle on where your place is in the market and can pitch more effectively from there. You may even have to have a total re-think and completely re-work your portfolio as I once had to. What a difference it made!
Another idea is to use a company who have up-to-date records of addresses and contacts across the board in the industry. One company I know of is but there are others; so do check out who feels right for you or if this approach feels right. It doesn’t work for everyone and I haven’t tried it, so can’t really comment on its effectiveness.
The Association of Illustrators has a showcase annual called Images. You can submit artwork into various categories once a year and they have a selection committee who choose the best works. They then are compiled into a large book which is sent out to thousands of art directors across the various fields in the industry globally. I’m not sure if the Society of Illustrators do this too ( – if you’re US based, do check them out.
Sending postcards, samples of your work with your contact details etc directly to art directors is another idea – some prefer emailed images to reduce the carbon footprint.